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#Notodogmeat Activism Works

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NoToDogMeat Activism works ! Over the last 4 years activists have really been working together globally to pressurise the South Korean Government to end the dog meat trade. DASAOM/ C-GAON (the Korean activist group we support) have protested relentlessly all summer and winter outside Moran Market and in the streets of Seoul.  Progress is being made despite permission being given for more large dog farms to be built.

On Wednesday,  January 25th 2017 (today) activists and media will meet Senator Pyo Chang-Wan, Chairman of the Animal Welfare Committee in the National Assembly in South Korea.  He will host a conference  where he will announce his plans to introduce changes to the current Korean Animal Protection legislation that hopefully will make further steps to end the dog and cat meat trade.

Our own teams will be out in London on Thursday 26th at the Chinese Embassy and BBC tomorrow Jan 26th.   Join us! #TeamWork #SupportTheSolution


Chinese Rescue #707 Tianjin Day 4 379 Dogs Counted.

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Via Compassion for China’s Animals, Facebook.
Volunteers are working hard at the scene and have counted 379 dogs. No lives have been lost today! A few are looking lethargic, understandably.
Lots of large dogs are penned in here, golden retrievers and GSD’s and large fans have been brought in by aunts to try and keep the area cool.
Dog food, basic medication is at the scene now which is a welcome relief!
As there are so many government departments involved, the volunteers must try to cooperate with the officials to combat the illegal dog dealers and secure the release of the innocent dogs. This is the ultimate goal!

#StopBokNal2015 Team Set Off On Journey!

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Today Robert, Daisy, Justin and their 7 strong doggy team today commence their journey along Scotland’s Great Glen Way! Over the next 7 days they will be covering 80 miles. The trails starts from Fort William at the foot of Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in the UK.

Just before setting off Fort William
Just before setting off from Fort William

The team are walking to raise awareness of the terrible Korean dog meat trade and the period of intensified dog meat eating around Bok Nal, the hottest days of the year. One of the fallacies used to promote dog eating in Korea is that is helps to cool the body.

In Korea dogs are actually farmed and there is even a breed of dog which is regarded by Koreans as livestock for the purposes of consumption. This is the Nureongi dog – which literally means ‘yellow one’ they are regarded in Korea as inferior but in reality they are just like any other dog – capable of loving, feeling and suffering. Those few dogs who have been rescued make loving companions.

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Pictured here is Claudia, a NoToDogMeat supporter with her rescued Nureongi dog. Other dogs can also be bought for meat at markets and people can even take their own dog to the slaughterhouse when they have served their purpose….

Crowds Speak out against #Yulin Demo at London Chinese Embassy Demo Today!

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There was an amazing turnout at the Chinese Embassy today!  Thanks to all who turned up!

Dominic Dyer came along and made an impassioned speech.

Breaking News – Dogs Mountain – More Dogs Rescued! #dogmeattrade #philippines

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Breaking News - Dogs Mountain - More Dogs Rescued! #dogmeattrade #philippines

‪‪#‎Phillippines‬. ‪#‎Saved‬ from the ‪#‎DogMeatTrade‬. 8 dogs arrive at Dogs mountain ~ pulled out from a slaughter house, by animal caring students, Jenni and Mannie , two girls who asked us if we’d take them in to save them from death. As with most strays from the streets, most are in poor shape & stand no chance of appealing to potential new owners, despite a positive attitude from this pound to find homes for them .. Now these bedraggled dogs can relax, eat well & get back in shape … one we see has a Hernia which will need operating …one has deformed rear legs and they are all in need of care…. but at last they’re alive. God Bless Loving students Jennie and Mannie who have ‪#‎Rescued‬ 8 dogs from the ‪#‎Slaughterhouse‬.
Our Charity Trustee John who set up the Sanctuary DOGS MOUNTAIN with his own money will now be able to take care of them.
Please help. :

Breaking News from Hand in Hand with Asias Animal Activists – Dogs Rescued from Yulin!

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Breaking News from Hand in Hand with Asias Animal Activists - Dogs Rescued from Yulin!

Chinese activists have rescued approx 200 dogs from Yulin. The dogs have now arrived in Shangrao, Jiangxi, 1680km away from Yulin. Local vets are there to help with medical treatment. Some of the dogs were pregnant and gave birth to puppies on the way to Shangrao. Activists have posted on Weibo asking for donations of dog food to feed these hungry mouths. Among the dogs that were destined for Yulin, and people’s plates, were Samoyeds, Tibetan Mastiffs and countless Pekinese. Help came too late though for 1 Golden Retriever. This shows that there are stolen pets that are also being killed for meat.
Well done to everyone involved in this rescue!
Photos sourced and translation by NT.