If you think you can provide a loving home for any of our rescued dogs and cats from China please contact us on the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are dogs traumatised and do they need any special handling?

Rescued dogs and cats have been through many horrific experiences. Many of them are former pets. Some were sold onto dog and cat meat traders by their owners and some were stolen.
Like all rescued companion animals they will need love and understanding and to know they are safe after the horrific experiences they have endured.
After a rescue most cats and dogs are moved to animal shelters to recover. Once recovered they are ready for adoption. A lot of the dogs will need house training. For the first month we would like your adopted dog to be walked on a lead so they can become acclimatised to their wonderful new surroundings. Walking them on the lead will also help them and you to feel safe and secure.

Q. Why are you especially seeking to re-home larger dogs?

A. In cities in China it is illegal to keep dogs taller than 35cms at the shoulder. This means that it is much harder to find adopters in the cities who are willing to adopt a dog over 35cms. So we try and find homes for rescued dogs over 35cms (about the height of a border terrier) either outside of the city limits or abroad.

Q. Why do you charge to re-home dogs and cats and how do you justify the fee?

A. All our rescued dogs and cats need expensive medical treatment before we can consider rehoming them. Then we have to adhere to the legal requirements for the countries they fly to which differs from country to country. For all dogs and cats entering the EU we have to take blood serum samples from them, have the blood serum tested for rabies antibodies (after they have had their rabies vaccinations). More information is available about the process of exiting China once we discuss with you your dogs/cats adoption. There are also travel costs involved which can be discussed.
Our mission as a charity is not just to rehome dogs and cats but to support our partner shelters in Asia and the animals under their care.

Q. Are the cats and dogs rescued friendly?

A. They are incredibly friendly, despite all they have gone through. They still trust humans and are waiting for a second chance. Most adapt really well to their new families and any pets you may already have. We aim to make sure that behaviourally the dogs and cats we put up for adoption are going to be well suited to their new lives.

Q. Do you re-home dogs and cats in pairs?

A. We try to place cats in pairs when they are from the same family and of the same sex. Most cats in China live in confined spaces, normally small apartments, so they have incredible bonds with their litter mates who they have lived with all their lives before they are brought to the shelter.
If two dogs have a special bond either in their previous home or at the shelter we try to rehome them together.

Q. Will my dog or cat be healthy? What additional cost will I need to factor in?

A. Your dog/cats will be healthy before we will allow them to travel. We make sure that they are fit and healthy and ready to fly. They will be fully vaccinated and dewormed. The only issue we have found, mainly with the dogs are residual skin infections, caused by diet and the environment. We find with good nutrition and regular bathing that the skin infections soon clear up. We aim to only allow healthy and happy animals to be adopted and to leave the shelter.
Adoption can take up to three months depending on where your new pet is flying to. The costs involved for leaving China are the costs of microchipping, vaccinations, blood serum testing to find evidence of rabies antibodies (for pets travelling to the EU), health examinations, exit permits and associated costs of flying. More information is available when you apply for adoption.

Our Dogs from China

We currently have 420 dogs and 36 cats in our Chinese partner sanctuary all of whom are potentially available for adoption. To set up single or monthly donations please click here http://www.notodogmeat.com/Sponsor.php

If you feel you could adopt any of our dogs and cats please contact us via the adoption enquiry form here http://www.notodogmeat.com/Adopt.ph

please make sure to include your email address. You can also reach us on info@notodogmeat.com where we are happy to answer your questions

Here are some of our dogs and cats:

Karl: This adorable boy was picked up from the roadside stuffed tightly in a crate with two other tabbies. Until we can implement our spay and neuter program males have to be kept separately from females and space at the shelter is limited.Karl has no fear of other cats or dogs and would make an ideal family pet.
Kerry: This 3 year old Golden Retriever is one of three we have in our partner shelter.Her coat still needs some attention and we are working to build her up but she has come a long way since Yulin 2015. A place with a garden or near a park would really suit her.
Jasmine has to be one of the most beautiful cats we have ever seen. She is in perfect health, super friendly, and socialises well with dogs and other cats. Rescued just after Yulin last year she is just waiting for a forever home.
Dusty lives at the Hebei shelter which is home to many of the dogs from last year’s #808 rescue. Crouching in a wooden bathtub he was too timid to come out even though there were plenty of treats to go round.  He was one of the lucky ones who survived the distemper crisis (last year we funded treatment of the entire shelter who caught this horrible disease). He has a skin condition that needs treatment and above all lots of love and reassurance.  He would be an excellent pet for a small family,
Hannah is around 4 years old but due to her skin problems, which are really common in China, she looks older.  She came from a holding yard near Guandong where many of this years Yulin dog meat trade survivors ended up.  In the chaos of mass rescue volunteers end up renting small yards just to keep the animals safe.  They then look for shelters who can take in a quota.  Our activists brought her and 22 others to our new partner shelter near Beijing.  What struck me about her was her piercing blue eyes.  She has been fully vaccinated and with good nutrition she is making a slow recovery.  She is timid but gets on well with other dogs.
Frances is a labrador with a blue tongue!  She is around 2 years old and has a beautiful nature.  When she was rescued she had horrific skin issues but has made a full recovery and is now in good health.  She would live well with another dog as she is very social and enjoys company and some space to run around.
Kym: In Northern China there are many puppy farms where dogs are kept in horrific conditions. We currently have 11 German Shepherds who have been badly abused and then were sold to a slaughterhouse. Their recovery will take time as they have various medical conditions we have to attend to. Kym is one of their puppies who is bright and lively and would make an excellent pet.