Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Oliver Flies To His Forever Home

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Oliver was packed tightly in a truck bound for slaughter in the 40 degree heat which was intercepted as part of the #808 Tangshan rescue last year – a truck exactly like the ones who traffic the desperate strays and stolen pets to be slaughtered in Yulin. Often the stand off  takes days and while activists and rescuers plead with the police to release the dogs many die from dehydration, too weak to continue. Disease is rife and in Oliver’s case although he tested negative for distemper he had a very serious chest infection and his own coughs could have broken his bones.

In the holding yard, Julia immediately bonded with Oliver, he was so gentle and sweet and despite his matted fur he weighed just a few kilos. It has taken months of care and treatment for him to regain his strength and but now he is a completely different dog to look at and ready to travel to his forever home in Europe.

Right now he is on a flight to Holland. At times like this we know we have truly saved one and not just left him in a yard ‘rescued but forgotten’ which makes our fight seem all the more worthwhile. NoToDogMeat Foundation takes each individual rescued dog seriously and we are pledge to stick with each of our dogs and cats to the end. This means we provide regular follow up with the yards who take them in and ensure they and their fellow rescued dogs receive high quality nutrition, vaccinations and love. Our long term plan to fund veterinary trucks, help improve small shelter conditions and to eradicate air-born virus relies on generous donations from people like yourself. Over the next few weeks we will show you how previous donations have been spent and offer you the chance to help care for the daily needs and offer forever homes to the lucky ones. Unpaid activists who stop trucks on the highway are real unsung heroes. We are here to empower them

After four years of actively campaigning against the dog and cat meat trade in Asia the whole world finally knows not just about Yulin but the barbaric way dogs and cats are brutalised for food and fur. Amazing Actors such as Orlando Bloom and Ricky Gervais have said ‘NoToDogMeat’ and although this year’s festival will still take place, we all hope it will be much smaller with tighter controls.  Michael Tien, Hong Kong deputy to China’s legislature met with mainland officials and emphasised the issue of food safety, adding public inhumane slaughter was unacceptable.  This will not mean the end of Yulin immediately but huge strides have been made.

In a few weeks Julia will be able update first hand on her own visit to the region but for now we can be encouraged by Oliver’s story rescued from a truck and on his way to his forever home. Just look how well he has done.

There are many ways you can still help : Please sign our petition, continue to follow us on social media and join us at events that will take place all summer.



A Howl of Anger for the Dogs of Yulin 2016

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Over the last week the World has spoken out with a collective voice against the dog and cat meat trade. 11 million Signatures were collected and MP Robert Flello visited the Chinese embassy in person to try and deliver it and the same petition was handed to the authorities in China.

Yesterday NoToDogMeat UK held another demo outside the Chinese Embassy, Portland Place, London and this year we were able to bring our very own dog meat trade survivor Camille to protest with us. We were also joined by around 50 supporters and a reporter from the BBC. Passers by offered their support too.

NoToDogMeat USA, France and Mexico have also joined in the worldwide protest outside Chinese embassies.

International and local groups are on the ground in and around Yulin, stopping trucks, closing down slaughterhouses and alleviating suffering. And let’s not forget the activists throughout China who continue to stop trucks bound for slaughter.

This is a proud moment for the NoToDogMeat Foundation who started the global ‘say no to dog meat movement’ 4 years ago and were the first on the streets saying ‘No More Yulin Angels’.

We have been working to make sure rescuers have the equipment and support they need to save dogs and the ongoing support and care they need to find loving forever homes and change the hearts and minds of a society to accept that Cruelty is Not Cool.

We really want to thank you for all your kind support and ask you to continue donating to help the brave activists whose work will continue for many years to come.

We won’t stop until this ends and we can only do this empowering activists and rescuers on the ground with your help.

Other ways you can be involved.

Continue to sign petitions
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Sponsor or Adopt a Dog
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Buy a shirt and wear it

NoActionTooSmall !

NoToDogMeat USA, LA two days ago.

The Strawberry Music Festival

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This festival is a very meaningful event a big deal with those who love music and have a passion for the arts. This festival starts on May 1st and lasts for three days.
The May Day 3 day break gives people a chance to enjoy music and most of all to enjoy the company of friends to celebrate new up and coming bands and artists.

NoToDogMeat will be supporting our friends TACN Together For Animals in China at this event. We have put together a short video message of #StopYulin2015.

The video was directed and produced by our very own Fia Perera which we are so grateful to have on our NoToDogMeat team. The short video message includes our friends and team members Sue Wong, Tom Kenny, Carolyn Hennessy, Lori Alan, Briana Evigan and William McNamara.

The Strawberry Music Festival it is huge in China and there will be a huge crowd of audiences of every age. It’s a golden opportunity to raise awareness, and importantly to influence many people with positive and compassionate messages from the celebrities on how to bring an end to the abhorrent cat and dog meat trade.

#CrueltyIsNotCool #EndYulin2015

Here is the video that will be presented:

Photo Credit: CNTV

2013 and 2014 showed here at the Strawberry Music Festival was a huge turnout. We are hopeful that our positive message will change hearts and minds – while educating for compassion toward our companions and all animals who are mistreated daily. Because we as a community need to stand up for what we believe in. All life matters including the lives of animals.


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After 3 years of NoToDogMeat campaigning on the streets against Yulin Festival some positive news.  News has come in that Yulin pary secretary would like to ban the dog meat section of festival.
( Interview below)
Yulin party secretary, Li Jun Green Food and Drug Administration in the office has issued a statement to say.
“This year, if businesses hold the dog section, we will pass a resolution for it to be banned!” He has also applied for the Beijing dog business information disclosure and formally stated at a meeting with lawyers “I want the Yulin Dog Meat Festival banned” .
Secretary Li went on further to confirm the festival was in breach of the People’s Republic of China Food Safety Law.
It has been ten days and we are still waiting formal confirmation,As we all know passing a resolution and its implementation are two different things.However, if this resolution goes through it is a HUGE step to cracking down on the illegal dog meat to see a demise in the trade.  Our charity has issued letters of thanks and requested embassy meetings to discuss this matter further.
An action plan of letters you can write will follow soon. We  NEED to keep up the pressure.
May is coming up fast upon us and we are preparing our world awareness event for the 18th of May, please if you can join us –  for our week May 18th world awareness your voice counts. Our friends from China will be protesting on the 17th.

California Actvists Say NoToDogMeat in Hollywood!

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A lovely group of activists came out in force to protest against the Chinese dog meat trade and the Yulin dog meat festival outside the ‘Chinese Splendor’ performance at the Hollywood Bowl last night. Here are the pictures – a massive THANK YOU from the rest of us to you all for doing this – we love you!!

Please help the dogs and cats begging for their lives!

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Every year, an estimated two million dogs are slaughtered for human consumption in South Korea and right now in China ( on June 21st ) a heinous dog meat eating festival in Yulin China will take place.

There are dogs suffering on dog meat farms, and in markets and slaughterhouses, waiting terrified of their fate as you read this. Cats suffer too, boiled alive to make soups and health drinks

It is inconceivable to think even former pets are sold into this trade by their owners or people still believe the more the animal suffers the better the meat tastes.

NoToDogMeat believes that respecting cultural tradition does not mean condoning cruelty.

We campaign on behalf of our registered charity World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade 1154524.

Our mission is to work closely with local activists and shelters and together we can make a difference.

We urgently need your help to continue our work. Can you set up a monthly donation or make a one off contribution?

No action is too small.

The dogs and cats begging for their lives can not thank you but we can!




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Our team in China will build up a bigger case next week. Let us help them by building the pressure! Please send a letter (sample letter below) or email to the Chinese Ambassador in your country and to the YuLin Food Standards office: sp@gxfda.gov.cn (FDA office in YuLin, China)

political@chinese-embassy.org.uk ; 

chinaembpress_us@mfa.gov.cn  (US Embassy in DC, US)

If you have any friends in China, please ask them to call the YuLin officials to oppose this gruesome event. To call from UK it is 00-86-775-5809001. To call them from the US, you need to add 011-86 and take out the “0”. For example, to call the first person, Mr. Chen, from the States, you dial : 011-86-775-5809001.

Thank you. Together we can help our best friends.

Offices to call in YuLin:

Department Contact Person Phone Number
部门联系人与联系方式 食药监办公室 陈主任(Mr. Chen) 0775-5809001
食安办 综合协调科 应急管理科 谢主任 (Mr. Xie) 0775-5808990/5809881
政府信息公开领导小组办公室 陈主任 (Mr. Chen) 0775-2681895
工商食品科 陈主任 (Mr. Chen) 0775-2691766
工商办公室 庞远君主任 (Mr. Pang) 0775-2296130
工商纪检 陈主任 (Mr. Chen) 0775-2692219
工商督查科 李主任 (Mr. Lee)    0775-2697266
玉林动物卫生监督所 卢所长     (Mr. Lu)   0775-2099000

Dear Ambassador/YuLin Food Standards office:

I am adding my voice to thousands of other people
throughout the world in demanding that the Guangxi YuLin
government puts an end to the “Dog Meat Festival” that is
held on June 21.

I have great respect for the Chinese people and Chinese
civilization, but I am horrified to learn that the brutal
Yulin “Dog Meat Festival” still exists in a modern civilized society.
The Yulin “Dog Meat Festival” is internationally perceived as a
disgrace to China. I am adamantly stating my strong opposition to
this gruesome practice. I also urge that your office works with
China’s Department of Agriculture in passing an animal
protection law in China that bans the dog and cat meat trade.

Name and City


Mail can be sent to:

UK – Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, 49-51 Portland Pl, London W1B 1JL  Attn. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming

US – Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, 3505 International Place,  N.W.Washington, D.C. 20008 Attn:Ambassador Cui Tianka

If you live in a different country, please send your letter to your local Chinese embassy.