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Mr Zhao 2aWe know many of you are waiting for updates from Yulin so we want to share with you the information we have from our volunteers and sources on the ground. This year the torture fest has been much, much quieter than any other year. Campaigning has certainly helped but the real progress has come from the amazing Chinese activists.

We spent most of May in China with Mr Zhao who is an absolute hero. He explained how organisations had agreed to boycott buying dogs at Yulin and would all focus their efforts on stopping trucks. We prayed they would be successful. We were horrified to visit villages where they regularly steal dogs and send them up to Dongbei in the north where there are large slaughterhouses.

You may not know but most Chinese activists are just regular people who work in a day job volunteering when they can to make a difference. This year they did. They have stopped numerous trucks and completely disrupted the business of dogs going into Yulin. So much so that just as our photos show there were hardly any sellers at Yulin market.

Yulin (7) Yulin (18) Yulin (9)Yulin (2) Yulin (4) Yulin (5) Yulin (6)


This however is where the hard work starts.

Rescue is only ever the beginning of a long and often heart-breaking journey.

We run a partner shelter south of Beijing with over 400 dogs and 36 cats looking for love and a home. It’s hard work just feeding them and every month is a trial for Mr Zhao.

Yet right now he and our small team have gone to help the big rescue of 19 June at Guangzhou where over 1300 dogs were stopped from being eaten.

The problem everyone is facing is the villagers have objected to the dogs. Many have died and the police have refused for them to be taken away.

The temporary camp has had to move twice and as you can imagine moving hundreds of sick traumatised dogs is not easy.

We also desperately need to buy some specific medication that is not sold in the province. One box alone costs 125 RMB. (£15) and we are bringing it in from Beijing. We also need more dehydration fluids and medically trained professionals. Although the volunteers have brought supplies and donated from their own money we need finance to pay local vets to attend. They are terrified of infection and there is the risk of distemper.

Can you help? Do you have any contacts who can send us supplies or come and help? Can you donate so Mr Zhao can help contribute to the collective needs? Our plan when we can is to bring as many dogs as we can who are well enough to travel back to our shelter and give them refuge until they too can be rehomed.

NoToDogMeat has a large social media following and we are known for our work throughout Asa but financially we are only small. This is why we need your help. Please consider a regular donation however small and thank you so much to everyone who has supported us to date. We will share live feeds next week so you can see how funds are spent.

If you can open your heart to help Mr Zhao’s dogs

Please donate via our Total Giving Yulin Dog Meat Festival Appeal

Or direct to Mr Zhao’s bank:

ZHAO (family name)
XIN QI (first name)



​ACCOUNT NO 622840018610404073

DAXING 102602

Bless Your Hearts for Caring


Julia de Cadenet


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Yulin 2017

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Annabel 04.jpgWith the horrific torture fest of Yulin happening this week despite everyone’s attempts to ban this brutality, we want to share with you some positive news and thank you for all your donations and support. We cannot stop this festival – it’s up to the Chinese government to stop it, or not – but it has significantly reduced in size since we first took to the streets in 2012. Unfortunately media attention and celebrity interest has encouraged butchers to increase the prices they charge for the dogs, and dogs are being shipped in especially just so ‘rescuers’ can buy them only abandoning them to die after the festival has ended. Talk of closing slaughterhouses there has only ever been talk, since most slaughterhouses are makeshift anyway.

Three dogs.jpgIt is our decision along with respected groups to boycott Yulin. This does not mean we won’t save dogs bound for slaughter. Our group was one of the first to work with activists in China stopping trucks. It just means we will not hand over money to dog meat butchers and thus increase demand.

Throughout May and this month also we have been staking out warehouses where the stolen pets are kept and working to raid them. These trucks do not just go to Yulin they are on the move in broad daylight regularly to Dongbei which is in the North of China. Here there is a large Korean population and over 400-500 dogs are brutally slaughtered daily.

Our pledge this Yulin is to take in up to 100 lives and keep them in our shelter south of Beijing caring for them until they find homes. Rescue is only ever the beginning of a long journey for the animals and the people who care for them. On June 21st, our London Team will join protests outside the Chinese Embassy as well as spreading awareness in Chinatown all week. Our CEO Julia also has a meeting with the OIE (World Health Organisation) to discuss our concerns on food safety and reiterate the systematic torture that they fail to address. We do this to stand in solidarity with activists in Asia giving them a voice, and it is also a wonderful way people can meet our rescues.

Annabel smiling.JPGThis year we will have Annabel with us. Annabel is an apricot chow chow, gentle and kind. She was on a truck bound for Yulin in 2015 and her injuries were so bad she lost her eye. Our friend Sarah Pinq rescued her and gave her refuge pending her recovery in her small shelter. Three days before we came to pick up her to start her new life in Europe Sarah’s shelter was demolished with just 36 hours’ notice by the Government of Tianjin. Sarah is now in a holding yard with her 120 dogs and has to start from scratch and we have pledged to help her.

Genuine Hero Rescuers
People like Sarah and our own Mr Zhao who runs our partner’s shelter south of Beijing are the real heroes of Yulin. They work very hard and risk their lives day in day out to make a difference and struggle just to feed the dogs. That is why we need your help to donate whatever you can. With your help we have been able to vaccinate all the dogs previously saved, build a cattery and start to microchip them. Our plan is still to build a medical facility that can be used by other small groups for a low fee helping more dogs and cats and we will let you know more how you can be involved.


Despite the sadness we hope you can enjoy the photos of our lovely rescues needing sponsors and homes and we hope you will take three minutes to watch this wonderful video which shows how dedicated Mr Zhao is.


Thank you so much for your support.

Please donate here to support genuine Yulin rescuers





Sale of Dog Meat banned for One Week at Yulin Festival

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Over the last few years, The Yulin festival in Guang Xi province China has gained much attention from the international community, due to dog and cat meat being on the menu, as well as barbaric preparation methods such as boiling and blowtorching alive being evident. This has lead to many campaigns, including by mainstream media, celebrities and animal rights activists, to try and put an end to it. 21st June is the summer solstice and with temperatures soaring in China, it is believed that eating dog meat ‘cools down’ the consumer. Sadly there are still ancient beliefs and superstitions at play, resulting in excuses to torture the animals.

Blog 1

The sale of dog meat has been banned for one week at the Yulin Festival this year. The short ban is from 15th June – 21st June and although the ban is only temporary, and the ban would be lifted on the 22nd June, we must be grateful for small mercies and continue to focus on the positives rather than the negatives. We must look at this as a good start, as a light at the end of the tunnel. Those caught selling dog meat during the ban period will face hefty fines, so it shows the officials are getting on the right track.

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Sadly the ban does not include the sale and preparation of cat meat. Not always, but sometimes in China, cats are boiled alive, and we must make sure cats receive the same attention as the dogs do when it comes to government lobbying and celebrity voices. There is a belief that cat meat cures arthritis. Because cats are agile creatures, the consumer believes they gain the cat’s agility by eating its meat.

Blog 3Right now, we can give praise to Yulin’s newly elected Party Secretary Mr Mo Gong Ming, who with a more compassionate approach than previous party leaders, is taking the heartfelt concerns of the international community more seriously. If you would like to write him a personal letter reminding him about how cats are also tortured for ancient beliefs and asking him to ban dog and cat meat in the province once and for all, you can contact him at: Mr Mo Gong Ming, Yu lin city government Yu Zhou area, Renmin East Rd, No. 419 Yulin City, GuangXi , China Zip code: 537000

Blog 4Meanwhile, No To Dog Meat’s CEO Julia is in China assisting our partner shelter known as “Jaxing”, South of Beijing. She also has meetings lined up this week with the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and The World Animal Health Organization (OIE) both in Beijing,  both of whom she has met with before.  We continue to present them with reports on the ancient torture processes, and of the human health risks of eating dog meat, also confirmed by the OIE.  We will also remind them of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including human health, sustainable agriculture (animal protection), and rule of law.  In fact, it was our CEO Julia who urged the OIE to approach the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture a couple of years back regarding the health hazards of eating dog meat.  This then lead to the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture making an official statement that “dog meat is unfit for human consumption”. She will of course be reminding them that thousands of cats are also being boiled alive on a daily basis in China.

This week we will also be sending further reports to Yulin’s new Party Secretary detailing all the hopes and dreams of the UN’s new Sustainable Development Agenda, reminding him that the UN calls for “an end to old mindsets” as well as a desire for “global citizens” and protection for every animal, no matter how “low” the value.  We hope you can also write to him on the address provided above.

Back to the cats at our partner shelter “Jaxing”, we are working on a new cattery to house and treat cats rescued from the meat trade. If you would like to help fund the creation of the cattery and help the cats there with treatment and nutrition, donations are gratefully received. Our simple form can be updated to send what ever amount you can afford.

Thank you and bless your hearts for caring.

More about our cattery:

Mr Zhao.png

Blog 6

We also have an adoption programme from our shelter, and we have many new cats looking for their forever homes abroad, as well as dogs.

Please email our adoption specialist Nikki at for initial inquiries.

Taiwan Dog Meat Ban – Our Role

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In recent years, with the advance of social media, the deplorable dog and cat meat trades within China, South Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia have become a mainstream issue among the international community. No one really associated Taiwan with this trade however and certainly no one on social media was talking about it.

World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade started our own petition demanding Taiwan impose higher penalties to really make a difference and we are so thankful collective campaigning has worked. Yesterday, the country of Taiwan passed amendments to the Animal Protection Act, which will criminalise the slaughter, sale and
consumption of dogs and cats Fullscreen capture 14042017 214130.bmpnationally.  People found guilty of the crime will face hefty fines and jail time.  This is a wonderful step in the right direction and motivates us all to keep campaigning.

Here is the story of the Taiwan campaign in more detail.

Concerned Citizens From Taiwan Contacted The Charity

Last year our charity was contacted by a retired army officer from Taiwan who ran a Facebook group where concerned Taiwanese citizens posted photographic evidence of dogs and cats being tortured for their meat. We were surprised to hear this. He explained that the people torturing and eating the dogs were all Vietnamese migrant workers in Taiwan. He said that on average, 180,000 Vietnamese people, mainly young men, were coming to Taiwan each year to work as low skilled labourers and they were the ones killing and eating the stray cats and dogs – often in horrific torturous ways as the pictures showed.

Over the weeks our new friend continued to send us profile after profile, of young Vietnamese men torturing and eating stray dogs and cats, whilst working in Taiwan. With the consumption of dogs and cats being illegal in Taiwan, it was clear the Vietnamese workers did not pay attention to the law, as they posted their conquests on their Facebook pages.

NoToDogMeat Took Action

Over the weeks our new friend continued to send us dozens of Facebook pages with pictures of cruelty, posted by Vietnamese men torturing and eating stray dogs and cats whilst working in Taiwan. With the consumption of dogs and cats being illegal in Taiwan, it was clear the Vietnamese workers were ignoring the law, as they brazenly posted their conquests so publicly on their Facebook pages. The maximum fine of only £200 clearly was not working as a deterrent. In response we decided to help our Taiwanese friends in their campaign by starting two of petitions that people anywhere in the world could sign. Our friend had previously told us that we should try and show the Taiwanese government how strong was the feeling about the weak laws among the international community and that quite possibly, they would feel ashamed.

First of all, our charity’s CEO Julia started this petition to the Taiwanese Council of Agriculture:

In conjunction, her good friend who lobbies on behalf of the organisation Occupy UN 4 Animals, created this petition, showing the shocking pictures of torture:

We delivered Our Petitions to Taiwanese Government

Once we had gained a couple of thousand signatures on the petitions, we sent them off, along with photos taken from dozens of profiles of Vietnamese workers, who were proudly torturing Taiwanese stray cats and dogs.

We also attached details of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which speak of civil society, where governments are being called on to uphold the rule of law. We also printed out UN extracts and paragraphs that described the caring animal welfare ethos of the new UN Agenda. We explained the problem of the Vietnamese workers in Taiwan, as well as asking if the Taiwanese government might help us raise the issue of dog and cat meat torture to other Asian countries.

We were delighted a few weeks later when we received responses, both from the Office of the Taiwanese President and from the Taiwanese Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan.

The replies can be seen here:

We were surprised to hear that on arrival at the Taiwanese Airport, the Vietnamese workers were actually given hand books and shown videos on how to treat animals properly, as well as being given warnings not to catch or eat dogs and cats. They mentioned that employers of immigrant labourers were also instructed to inform their workers not to eat dogs and cats.

Further Contact from Taiwanese Activists Working With NoToDogMeat

When he saw the replies our Taiwanese friend whose group collects the pictures of the Vietnamese labourers said “but the Vietnamese are still doing it and they are still posting it on Facebook”. Sadly he was right. There were still more and more profiles showing the torture of dogs and cats. We told him we would gain more signatures on the petitions, write a stronger letter informing them that their fine of £200 was no deterrent, and we would send more photos of the profiles of Vietnamese labourers torturing dogs, which we sent off two months later.

Campaigning Works

In light of all this we are of course delighted to discover the latest reforms of the Taiwanese law earlier this week. Firstly, the fine for eating dog and cat meat has risen to £6,500. Secondly, anyone caught torturing dogs and cats can now go to prison for two years and face a fine of £50,000. We think these changes send a message that the Taiwanese authorities mean business. We are hopeful that this will be enough to stop the Vietnamese Facebook posters at least from torturing dogs whilst in Taiwan.

Our plan now is to send reports to the Vietnamese government, showing them the same evidence and details of the new penalties set by the Taiwanese authorities. We will make it clear to them that these changes have been brought about as a direct result of Vietnamese labourers behaving so badly abroad. We hope this might shame and galvanise the Vietnamese authorities into action and to introduce new laws where currently there are none.

We will also send details to the UN Development Program Vietnam, and make the Vietnamese government aware of this and make sure they know about the animal welfare ethos of the new UN Agenda.

Will Dog Meat Be Banned in The Rest of Asia?

As for China and South Korea, the fact is that Taiwan has now set a clear precedent. We can start sending details of the heavy penalties set by Taiwan, to these offending nations, to show exactly what kind of an example they should follow. Already news of Taiwan’s strict new penalties are appearing in Chinese media and, no doubt, in the South Korea too.

In the meantime we would like to say a huge thank you to our dear occupy the unfriend, lobbying organisation Occupy UN 4 Animals for their heartfelt, professional and result-bearing letters to the Taiwanese President and others, and to our lovely Taiwanese friend, the retired soldier, for his continuing activism and his bravery.

What Can You Do To Help?

NoToDogMeat runs a partner shelter in China with over 400 dogs and 40 cats and we need your help.  We need $20,000 to complete the building of our medical shelter which will run spay and neuter /microchipping and critical care for dogs and cats that are still in danger from the meat trade. Our wonderful partner Mr Zhao who is a vegan has a plan also to run education programmes to local schools. Please help us continue this work.

Please donate today.

NoToDogMeat meets Mayor of Seoul

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Following the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye in March 2017, The Mayor of Seoul Mr Wonsoon Park has been touring Europe to discuss the role of Citizen Democracy in the political arena. Our CEO Julia De Cadenet met with him two days ago on Monday morning to highlight how animal welfare advocates also have a voice that needs to be heard.

USE this.jpg

Later in the afternoon we held a small protest outside the Korean Embassy, where the staff were extremely welcoming. They kindly allowed us to present our data (which included details of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and some photos showing the torture of dogs for their meat) inside the embassy.  Embassy staff members also came out to talk to us.  


For the first time in our 5 years of campaigning they apologised for the suffering of the animals and acknowledged that even though the live slaughter of dogs has ceased at Moran Market, they understand our concerns that there could still be abuse happening at the dog farms.


We all have a long way to go, but today we really felt we were heard and we continue to stand in solidarity with our activist friends DASOM CCSOGAON 통합시민사회단체 가온 (대표 이중호) in Korea.

Join Us Tomorrow in London

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Join us tomorrow at Kensington High Street Tube for leafleting and fundraising.